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The metal roofs are swiftly taking over other types of roofs. The reason is the durability and increased lifetime it offers. The metal roofs have been changed from the way they were produced in the past, as well as the remedial roofing applications.

These advancements in technology are surely going to increase the market share of the metal roofs. The contemporary metal roofs are much more trustworthy than predecessors. Today, with proper roof maintenance and care, the metal roofs have a life expectancy of 50 years.

Thus, saving costs at a huge level. Different elements are required for proper metal roof maintenance. The roofing contractor must be well versed with the kind of metal roof and the type of problem that could arise and their application procedures. Being familiar with the issue will provide long term benefits.

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Identifying roof leaks

The most important goal of any roof maintenance system should be to increase the existing roof’s service life by eliminating all kinds of flaws and correcting problems at the initial stages. Roof leaks are the most common metal defects that generally occur.

Metal roof leaks are a result of improper construction of the metal roof. For example, if you omit the use of sealants at the joints and penetrations or leave roof penetrations unprotected, the leaks are sure to occur. The metal roof problems are the ones that can be easily identified and repaired. There are major four areas where the servicemen should look for metal leaks: –

  • Failure to install tape sealant under screw heads.
  • Misplacement or omission of required bar and caulking type sealants in the longitudinal roofing seam cavities.
  • Failure to install an extra strip of sealant at four-way panel laps and at the eave connections.
  • Not caulking between extra and underside of roof panels.

The presence of sealants can be detected through the use of a special feeler tool. This tool must be fabricated to a thin dimension of approx. 0.0005 inch so it fits in the roofing system.

If it is determined that the sealant is not applied at the points, then the first step may involve removing the panel, proper application of the sealant, and then reapplying the panel. Not all roof leaks are due to improper workmanship. Some problems can be due to improper design structure.

In the case of standing seam roofs with trapezoidal seam, the waterproofing depends highly on the proper installation of closure strips applied at the corrugated eaves. If end closures are not designed properly for application at these specific points, leaks will occur in overflowing gutters and ice dams. The applied sealant should be thoroughly checked for openings if end closures are applied.

If leaks are not occurring at these places, the servicemen should check at the other places of concern. Leaks are also expected at the open seams and penetrations in metal roofs. Other common moisture infiltration areas include improper termination of metal at vertical locations, particularly at interfaces with other types of material, or at ridge vents.

What are Common metal repair procedures?

The metal repair can be completed by using the proper set of material for existing metal roofs. Most of the metal repair manufacturers have their own metal repair procedures. Given below are the general metal repair procedures:

Openings that are created by missing or corroded fasteners are a common point of moisture infiltration in the metal roof systems. For a proper repair of this area, remove and replace all the corroded as well as missing fasteners with the ones that are an acceptable and corrosion-resistant type of metal fasteners.

Butyl rubber washers should replace the washers that have been weathered. Trowel exposed fasteners with proper sealant by totally covering the fastener head. The openings in the metal surface require proper care and attention. Proper metal sealant and proper repair system should be used to repair all splits, holes, or protrusions in the metal surface. You can do that by following the steps listed here:

Deep clean the metal surface so that it is free of any kind of dirt or debris. The surface must be entirely dry before the application of the material. An approved metal adhesive of about ½ inch thick must be applied over the cracked and the split areas. After applying the adhesive, set one layer of metal fiber membrane over the affected area. Finally, apply adhesive over the metal fiber membrane in uniform and even coatings.

Excessive rust or corrosion or pity can alter the structural integrity of your metal roof system. Depending upon the amount of corrosion faced, repair, or replacement of the metal roof system can be considered. If the metal is rusted in a way that it may act as a safety threat, we should remove and replace that metal panel.

To remove metal panel rust, you can use techniques like sanding, scraping, or removal with a wire brush. Once the rust is removed, the application of an approved primer or rust inhibitor can be made on the affected area. Coatings are majorly done in a metal roof repair system. The various reasons for which coating can be done are weatherproofing, aesthetic purpose, reflection. They increase the life of metal roofs.

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