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Time is changing, and so are the associated trends. Change is a necessary evil, and with change come new opportunities, more benefits, and features. The roofing industry has also seen a change from the past. Asphalt shingles being replaced by metal roofs is one of the biggest changes.

The metal roofing systems indeed have a high-profit value for the customer who installs them. Metal roofing systems have become a mass choice these days. And why shouldn’t it? It delivers everything a person here in Cape Coral expects from a roof.

Cape Carlo Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group, situated in the town of Cape Carlo, provides you with extremely well managed metal roofing systems. Our work speaks for us. A trusted roofer is required for a major decision for your residential or your industrial roofing. And here we are.

Let us give more information about a metal roofing system. Once you know the benefits, you will feel compelled to bring this revolutionary change for your place.

What is a metal roofing system?

A metal roofing system is composed of metal pieces or tiles, amounting to a complete roof. They possess high resistance, impermeability as well as longevity. The common metal used in a metal roofing system includes zinc, copper, and steel alloys.

A metal roof or roofing system is one of the best things you can invest in. It is resistant to the extreme climatic conditions and brings beauty and aesthetic value to your place. You can improve your home’s value by installing a metal roof system.

Why is the metal roofing system gaining immense popularity these days?

The amazing benefits of a metal roof system have to lead to an increase in demand. It has definitely become the choice of the roofing experts and all the contracting companies. It comes along various benefits like:

A metal roof lasts for about 50- 60 years if taken care of and is well maintained. It reduces the cost of replacement. It has about three times life as compared to asphalt roofs. No doubt, the initial cost of installation is high but seeing in the long run, they prove to be beneficial.

A metal roofing system comes in a huge variety of styles, designs, and shades. They can make a bold architectural statement or be a subtle and aesthetic look. A metal roofing system makes your place look supremely good.

A metal roofing system has a major benefit where it protects your place from harsh climatic conditions. It is resistant to high temperatures; it can withstand strong winds up to 110mph. It is fire resistant as well. You can expect it to sustain minimal damages during hailstorms.

It is a sustainable investment. It does not require early replacement. The metals are completely reusable and can be recycled. Landfill issues are eliminated with metal roofing systems, and scrap value of the metal used accounts for a positive attribute.

The metal roof reflects sun rays. Therefore, the cooling cost is reduced immensely.

A metal roof, when completely ready, is a huge benefit for your system. It can beautify your home or industrial building just the way you want.

Being light in weight, it creates little stress on the load-bearing roof support structures and can be installed on the top of the existing roof. A lightweight roof has an exceptional benefit for an old and large building. It helps in maintaining the overall structural integrity of the roof.

What are the types of materials used in a metal roofing system?

The material used in the metal roofing system can be- Corrugated galvanized steel is a wrought iron steel sheet coated with zinc, and then it is rolled to form corrugated sheets. Zinc, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel is also an option. These products are available under the name of galvalume. The surface may display a raw zinc finish. Under factory coated colors, it can also be used as the base metal.

Standing seam metal roofing is another product ideal for a metal roofing system. In this system, the roofing product comes with a rolled form of various widths of a standing seam metal.  A unique roof seaming machine is used in which the material seems together. The machine runs vertically up the panel to seal the joints and prevent water intrusion.

Metal tile sheets can also be used in a metal roofing system. The steel is generally painted or stone-coated steel. The stone coated steel roofing panel consists of steel, which is aluminum or zinc-coated with acrylic gel coating.

Stainless steel is considered as another option. Copper is a good choice of metal. It is corrosion-resistant, durable, and brings along a long life. It protects your roof from radiofrequency shielding, lightning protection, and sustainability benefits. Generally, copper metal roofing systems are installed in churches, government buildings, and universities.

Coatings: various types of coatings are used to protect from rust, provide waterproofing, or reflect heat. Epoxy and ceramic coatings are applied. Clear coating preserves the color and the metallic tone of copper alloys. Various oils are also used that preserve moisture content.

At Cape Coral Metal Roofing Elite Contracting Group, we present with expert roofers in metal roofing systems. Specialized in the field of metal roofing systems, the roofers will make you amazed by the variety and work finish. So, you can rely on us for an amazing metal roofing solution for your building.

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